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Interiors and ControlsIowaEagleJanuary 1981 No 81-2(2): Heated Intake Manifold Diagnosis
January 1982 TB 1-03-82: Emission Control Component ChartsJanuary 1983 TB 2-06-82: T4/T5 Gear Lube for certain 1982 EaglesJanuary 1984 - IS 2E - A/C Discharge Hose Retaining Clip
January 1985 - IS 23E - Electrical Relay IdentificationJanuary 1985 - IS 6E - Rear Bumper and Class II Trailer Hitch FitJim
JohnJoshpit's 4.0 Swap ArticleJuly 1981 No 81-4: Coolant Expansion - Four Cylinder Engines
July 1985 - IS 7E - General Information and TSM Pages for the NP 128 Transfer CaseJune 1981 No 81-1(3): SR4 Transmission VentJune 1982 TB 1-09-082: Altitude Adjustments
June 1982 TB 5-01-82: Windshield R&R for 1982 Brampton Built CarsJune 1982 TB 8-05-82: Loose Horn Button on Sport Steering WheelsJune 1987 - IS 10E - New Crankshaft Rear Main Bearing Oil Seal - AMC 2.5 engine only
Junkyard Hydroboost in an EagleJurgen's Improved TFI/MIU UpgradeJurjen
Keyless Entry with Power Windows Wiring SchematicLamps/Flashers/FusesLast AMC
Light Bulb Replacement ChartLighting Wiring SchematicLock the Front Axle Disconnect
Main PageManuals and other AMC Tech PublicationsMarch 1981 No. 81-2(3): Underbody Noise Diagnosis
March 1982 TB 1-07-82: Valve Cover Removal/ReplacementMarch 1982 TB 1-08-82: I-4 151 Exhaust Pipe StudsMarch 1982 TB 6-01-82: Malfunctioning heater/AC doors (78-82)
March 1982 TB 9-03-82: Speedometer Lubrication to Eliminate SquealMarch 1984 - IS 3E - Broken Cylinder Head BoltMarch 1985 - IS 26E - Clutch Master Cylinder Service
March 1987 - IS 9E - Fast Idle Cam BindingMateyMay 1984 - IS 4E - 4 Clyinder Engine Cold Operation
May 1984 - IS 4E - 4 Cylinder Engine Cold OperationMechanicalMember Recommended Tools to Make the Job Easier
Model DimensionsMominkieMost Frequently Asked Questions
Mudkicker715My Eagle Does Not Run WellMy Eagle Leaks Oil
My Eagle Won't MoveMy Four Wheel Drive Does Not WorkNP119 Transfer Case
NP 129 Transfer CaseNP 129 Transfer Case RebuildingNew Article/Page
Non AC Control PanelNon Disconnect AxleNovember 1981 No 81-5: Recall Bulletin Cruise Control Cable Chain
November 1982 TB 2-05-82: Manual Transmission and Transfer Case LubricantsNovember 1987 - IS 12E - Idle SpeedNovember 1987 - IS 13E - 1988 Model Updates
OK I give up. Where is it?October 1980 No 81-1: Idle Speed Control SystemOctober 1981 No. 81-4(3): Chirping Transfer Case
October 1984 - IS 22E - Engine Performance DiagnosisOil Pan InterchangesOil Pan Removal
Oil change humorOptional Gauge Package Wiring SchematicOptional Light Group Wiring Schematic
Other Carter carb tipsOverheating? Includes thermostat replacementPAKS Packages -- Assemblies -- Kits -- Sets
PLaYtHiNgPackage Tray R&RPainting interior plastic and vinyl parts
Part NumbersPetrPhilotomy
Phone Book AdvertisementsPinion Seal ReplacementPower Locks
Power Seat ConversionPower SeatsPower Seats Wiring Schematic
Power Steering AdjustmentPower Steering GearPower Steering Leak Points
Power Window R & RPower WindowsPower Windows and Door Locks Wiring Schematic
Protection and Anti RustRadio Pin Outs - AM/FMRadio Wiring Schematic
Rambler MentalityRe&Re The Wiring Harness in Your Steering ColumnRear Axle/Differential R&R
Rear Shock InstallationRear Suspension RebuildRear Window Defogger Wiring Schematic
Rear Window Wiper Wiring SchematicRear Wiper MaintenanceRelays
Remote Hatch ReleaseRemovable Door HingesRepairing/Rebuilding Power Window Cables
Repairing Power Window CablesReplacing Door Hinge BushingsReplacing Exterior Woodgrain Vinyl
RmedonRollguy's Front Seat Angle Fix/ModRoy C. Lunn
Safety, Tires and AccessoriesSandboxSeat and Trim Availability
Secondary Main PageSection 01Section 02 - The Hatchery
Section 10, Engine Block ComponentsSection 11, Engine ComponentsSection 12, Manifolds and Carburetors
Section 13, Emission Controls, PCV System, Pulse Air, Evap. Canister, P/S Pump & A/C Comp.Section 16, Alternator, Starter & PulleysSection 17, Ignition Components and MCU
Section 19, Radiator, Fuel Tank & Lines, Exhaust, and Engine MountsSection 21, Manual TransmissionsSection 25, Transfer Case
Section 26, Front Drive Shafts and AxleSection 27, Rear Drive Shaft and AxleSection 31, Front Suspension and Front Hub w/Rotor
Section 32, Front Shocks, Stabilizer and Front BrakesSection 35, Wheel Covers and JackSection 36, Steering Gear, Steering Columns and Steering Wheels
Section 37, Brake, Clutch, Accelerator Linkages; Brake Master Cylinder, Lines and HosesSection 38, Parking Brake, Manuual and Auto Shifters; Transfer Case Lines and Hoses (both types of select shift)Section 54 Glass
Section 55 Bumpers, Trim, Mouldings, Decals, Pinstripes and GrilleSection 56 Nameplates, Badges and Exterior MirrorsSection 57 Instrument Panel and Dash
Section 58 Inside Mirror, Floor Console and VisorsSection 59 Seat Belts, Trailer Hitch, Engine Heater and Luggage RacksSection 62 Air Conditioning and Control Systems
Section A - General InformationSections 23 & 24, Automatic TransmissionsSections 33 & 34, Rear Springs, Shocks, Stabilizer and Rear Brakes
Sections 39, 41 & 42, Skid Plates, Floor Pans, Dash and Cowel Panels, Front Panels and Wheel HousingsSections 43, 44, 46 & 42, Side, Rear and Roof Panels and Front FendersSections 47 & 48, Side, Door, Hood, Trunk and Lift Gate Panels and Hinges
Sections 50 & 53, Door Components (locks, glass, mechanisms, handles, etc.)Sections 64, 65 and 66, Body/Window Seals and PlugsSections 68, and 69, Insulation, Carpets and Mats
Sections 71, and 72, Interior Trim, Headliners, Sun Roof, Cargo Cover and Door PanelsSections 77, 76, 77, and 78, SeatsSections 80, 81, and 82, Battery Tray, Head, Fog, Parking, Marker Rear and Dome Lams, and Horn
Sections 83, and 84, Instrument Cluster, Gauge Package, Speedometer Cable, and Cruise ControlSections 84, 85, and 86, Ignition Lock, Dash Switches, Windshield Wipers and Washer, Misc. Switches, and Audio SystemsSections 87, 88, and 89, Fuse Panel, Relays, Wiring Harnesses and Misc. Connectors
Sections B & C - Alphabetical IndexSectios 60 and 61,Heating SystemsSelect Drive
Select ShiftSensorsSeptember 1981 No 81-4(2): Fuel Tank Sight Shield Sag
September 1982 TB 1-10-82: Disengaging Pushrods (258)September 1982 TB 1-11-82: Catalytic Converter Support BracketSeptember 1982 TB 2-04-82: I6 with Auto Trans Shudder Vibration Diagnosis & Repair
September 1982 TB 3-07-82 Water getting into axle shift motorSeptember 1985 - IS 34E - 6 cyl. Engine BBD Carburetor - Restricted Idle Fuel Pickup TubesSeptember 1987 - IS 11E - Altitude Performance Adjustments
Setting your Engine TimingShift on the Fly Vacuum Set UpShock Stud Extensions
Shocks & SpringsSix CylinderSome Older Members and their Eagles
Spark Plug GuideSport Steering Wheel ComponentsStandard, Non-Tilt, Column
Standard Light Group; Rear Deck Release; and Horn Wiring SchematicsStartersSteering
Steering Column RemovalSteering Wheel RemovalSteering and Brakes
Stop Lights and Back-Up Lights Wiring SchematicsStrut Rod BushingsStrut Rod Bushings Re & RE
SuspensionsSvoman2300T4 & T5 Service Manual
TFI UpgradeTechnical IndexesThe Book
The CarsThe EndThermostat Replacement
Throttle Cable/Rod Adjustment - 4 & 6 Cylinder CarsTilt ColumnTiming Chain R & R
Tool BinTools and Their UsesTougeagle
Trailer Wiring SchematicTransfer Case Information and UpgradesTransmission Interchange Information
Transmission Maintenance TipsTransmissions - 4 Speed and AutomaticTransmissions Used
Transporting a newly purchased car from USA to CanadaTrim Selections and ColorsTurn/Hazard Signal Wiring Schematic
UPS Maintnance LogsVacuum Lines Made simpleVendor Links
Viscous Coupling TestViscous coupling replacementWagon Rear Hatch Adjustment
Warranty and SpecificationsWelcome to the AMC Evolution WikiWelcome to the AMC Evolution Wiki !
What seats fit which Eagles?What to Pack for Long Trips -- Member SuggestionsWheel Trims
Will A Donor Oil Pan From a 258 Jeep or Non Eagle Car Work?Will Any 258 Fit In My Eagle?Window Stickers and Sticker Data
Wiper Motor R&RWiper Switch Replacement/UpgradeWipers
Wrenching Flow Chart

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